10 June 2012

Conflict and Transition

[By Janice Ryan, edmontonjournal.com]

Artist captures issues of conflict and transition

Fragments features work of Saskatoon’s Allyson Glenn

EDMONTON – Allyson Glenn says she’s a “bit of a sponge” when she visits a new place. Her ability to absorb and observe her surroundings is evident in her figurative paintings. The results are riveting.


Her exhibition at Common Sense Gallery combines two bodies of work created over the past five years: Cracovia, inspired by an eight-month residency in Krakow, Poland, has toured North America since 2007, while Urban Narratives is a new series of not-yet-completed triptychs — hence the show title, Fragments. Both projects address issues of cultural identity, conflict and transition.


Glenn is a master at creating theatrical spaces in a two-dimensional realm. “I always leave ambiguity in the images so that it doesn’t become literal or illustrative. I like subtlety.”


“I always wanted to be a figurative sculptor,” she quips, “but at the same time I really love painting, so this is a way to connect the two.”

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